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Fruits of France

80 producers in south-western France

Our many producers in the South West guarantee you a regular supply.

80 Fruit varieties

Plums, Grape, Cherries, Pears, Strawberries, Apricots…
According to your needs.

Quality & Environment

All of our growers are Global Gap and Eco-responsible Orchards certified.

French seasonal fruits:

Throughout the year, Étamine offers you a supply of fruit from the South West of France.


Prima, Cardinal, Muscat, Belair, Ribol, Rose Ruby, Danlas, Chasselas, Exalta, Centenial.


Golden Japan, Anna Gold, Mirabelle, Rubinel, TC Sun, October Sun, Early Queen, Obilnaya, Royale, Sapphire, Primetime, Fortune, Larry Ann, Ruby Crunch, Flavour Supreme, Reine Claude, Black Amber, Big Blue, Stanley, Prune d’Ente,  Président, Angelino.


Burlat, Bellise, Bigalise, Corlise, Summit, Van, Garnet, Starking, Rainier, Fercer, Badascony, Belges, Noires de Meched, LApin, Duroni, Sweatheart, Folfer, Regina, Heldenfingen.


Alexandrine, Conference, Comice, Guyot, PAsse Crassane, Williame Verte, Williame Rouge.


Early Blush, Spring Blush, Sylred, Pinkcot, Orangered, Jumbo Cot, Hargrand, HArogem, Bergarouge, Bergeron Précoce.


Braeburn, Canada Gris, Chanteclerc, Elstar, Fuji, Gala, Golden, Granny, Prm Rouge, Red Chief, Reine Des Reinettes.

Strawberries & Raspberries


Plums & Grape Specialist

Over the years, apifood has specialized without Plums (2200 tons in 2017) and Grapes (700 tons in 2017).

An amazing soil

Crossed by three large rivers, the Garonne, the Tarn and the Aveyron), many tributaries and the canal of the Garonne, the Tarn et Garonne benefits from a mild climate and favourable to the cultures.

The department produces 80% of the fruit of Midi-Pyrénées and is the fourth largest fruit tree and plum producer in France.

Of the 300,000 tonnes of fruit produced per year, two thirds are apple, 35,000 tonnes are plums, 12,000 tonnes are kiwifruit and 22 % are table grapes, but also cherries, apricots, peaches and other nectarines and melons.

Rocha pear from Portugal

Rocha pear is renowned for its shelf life, strength and its regularity.

Algarve orange

The Protected Geographical Indication “citrinos do Algarve” is renowned for the quality of its oranges: an exceptional taste, a beautiful colouring and a high juice content.

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