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Portugal Oranges

Oranges all year round

Four varieties succeed one another to offer you year-round quality oranges.

Key Poisitioning

Agrumine is positioned as the orange by “excellence ” because of its gustatory quality and PGI; it remains affordable thanks to its European origin.

A character that appeals to consumers

Sweet, juicy and colorful, Agrumine orange has not stopped attracting the attention of your customers.

A product at the heart of your strategy

A quality product, easily recognizable and a regular supply to perfect your fruit and vegetable shelves.

One full year with four varieties of oranges:

Newhall is the first variety to be harvested. It is put up for sale at the beginning of November until the end of February. The fruit has a slightly oval shape and a dark orange colour. There’s a small belly button and there are no seeds. The bark is smooth and the pulp is very sweet, juicy and very tasty. An excellent fruit on the palate, Newhall is undoubtedly one of the most popular varieties.
Three other varieties complete the Portuguese orange range under PGI. Navelate (early February to mid-April), a late fruit with a medium size, very juicy fruit with very fine pulp. Its flavour peaks between the first weeks of March and mid-April. Mid-February, another variety is available until mid-May: Lanelate. It is also a seedless variety with sweet and pleasant pulp, with a low acid content. Finally, from the beginning of April until October Valencia-Late, the world’s most cultivated variety, takes over. The juice is abundant and of good taste. Harvesting takes place all summer long.

An orange at the top of its taste qualities!


Our oranges are intensely coloured, juicy and full of flavour. Varietal selection and the preference given to the Algarve’s terroir respond to strategies oriented towards quality and gustatory regularity. These qualities are conferred on oranges thanks to several decisive factors in their cultivation: the soil, the harvesting process and the presentation.

Leaf orange is the flagship product of our range. It responds to a desire to offer consumers a fruit that is at the top of its maturity and visibly more natural. The product can be efficiently installed in shelves to complement existing ranges.


IGP “Citrinos do Algarve”

We have chosen the Algarve because the climate and soils are conducive to citrus production. All our citrus fruits are therefore IGP certified “Citrinos do Algarve”. They are produced in accordance with the specifications defined by Uniprofrutal. An interprofessional organization structuring the Algarve’s quality approach.

Rocha Pear

Rocha pear is renowned for its shelf life, strength and regularity.

Fruits of the South-West of France

It is more than 80 producers in the south-west of France who ensure a regular supply of plums, grapes and other regional fruits.

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