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Our products

A wide range of fruits
packed according to your needs

Based in France and Portugal, apifood has specialized over the years in plums, grapes, oranges and pears.


Plum and grape specialist

We work with more than 80 producers in France. They guarantee us a regular supply of fruits:
Plums (2200 tons in 2017),
Grapes (700 tons in 2017),
Cherries (126 tonnes in 2017),
Apples (1100 tonnes in 2016),
Apricots, strawberries and raspberries…


Forerunner of leaf orange on the French market, Agrumine offers a fruit at the top of its gustative qualities. The brand is based on 5 pillars:

100% of the fruits packaged in our brand are IGP certified “Citrinos do Algarve”.

Orange leaf: untreated after harvest.

Picking at maturity.

Taste regularity of the product.

Controlled logistics and guaranteed flow.

In 2017, Apifood imported 3000 tons of citrus oranges.


The essential Rocha pear !

Importer of rock pear since 1991, Apifood now sells more than 1500 tons per year.
A solid and consistent product that provides consistent supply throughout the year.


Lily Ploom is at the heart of research into new varieties of plums. The aim is to offer a range in accordance with consumers’ tastes:


More juicy,

More crunchy.

The first variety marketed under Lily Ploom is Primetime. A red plum for a young audience. In 2017,1100 tones were distributed under the brand throughout Europe.

Our expertise

Apifood selects, packages and markets
more than 80 varieties of fruit


A good knowledge of the market.
A transparent relationship with producers.
Extensive quality control.


Fruits packed according to your needs: trays, bulk…
Personalized packaging for your private label.

Freight transport

Apifood is responsible for transporting the goods to France and Europe.


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