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Rocha Pear

A product at the heart of your strategy

The Rocha Pear and a solid fruit that can be kept for several weeks. A considerable advantage when it comes to managing your inventory.

A key product of your pear range

Easily recognizable by its logo and available from September to May, the pear rocha will catch the attention of your customers thanks to its good conservation.

The pear from September to May:

Rocha pear is a winter pear imported from Portugal. Medium sized, round, yellow with a brownish collar and pink highlights. Its flesh is firm and crunchy, it melts when ripe.

Importer of Rocha pear since 1991 :

Apifood currently markets more than 1000 tons of Rocha Pears per year. Our strength is the quality of our products, the regularity of our supplies and a long-lasting relationship with our producers.

Packed according to your needs

We pack the rocha pears in, trays row, bulk, trays 4 fruit, trays of 1kg. The packaging can be made into your distribution packages or according to your needs.

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